Tier IV Plan

Dedicated Private Executive Suites, No Long Term Commitment

Executive Suites

OfficeFlex Tier IV membership includes your own dedicated private executive suite.

Tier IV membership is your company's own private executive suite. It includes all of the benefits of Tier I and Tier II, plus a beautifully furnished private office with up to 4 desks and unlimited use of reservable meeting room space, from just $336 per month. Membership fee varies by suite.

Need a conference or lecture room? How about a classroom, boardroom, or even a party room? As a Tier IV member, you have unlimited, 24/7 access to our reservable flex meeting spaces. Move walls and reconfigure our award winning convertable furniture to create the ideal space for your meeting.

Flex Meeting Room

Tier II: The Hybrid Office

Let them think you have a physical office. You'll get a dedicated virtual business center suite number plus 4 hours of meeting room use every month.

Virtual Suites

Tier I: The Virtual Office

Have your own office address without any of the cost. You'll get a business center suite number, 24/7 mailbox access and parcel collect and hold service.